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Our Major Focus

Business Growth and Development

  • Sharing the business expertise of our members with each other; and
  • Creating economic programs designed to strengthen and expand the income potential of all businesses in the trade area
  • Building relationships amongst our members to develop referrals and create synergies leading to greater business growth
Pineville Office Building.

Community and Giving

  • Focus on the welfare and improving the quality of life in the local community by actively engaging our members and their resources on charitable initiatives. This includes active ongoing support of selected area charities as one of the Chamber’s key pillars.
  • Promoting programs that educate and/or train students and existing workers to the benefits of the Pineville competitive enterprise system and prepare them for careers/ career growth
  • We believe charity and giving isn’t a once a year activity, but rather an integral part of who we are.  The Chamber has chosen to focus our resources primarily on two charities that meaningfully impact the challenges within Pineville, the SLYP area and Charlotte.
Belle Johnson - Pineville
    • Pineville Neighbors Place gives a hand up to working poor, whether the need is food, help with shelter, utilities assistance, school supplies.  This charity defines compassion and that is why we support it.
    • On Eagles Wings Ministries seeks to prevent females from falling victim to sex trafficking, offer assistance to those still trapped, and restore those that have survived.  Charlotte and North Carolina is the 10th largest area for human trafficking in the United States.


  • Working with the town in communicating the Chamber Members’ challenges, needs and concerns relative to ongoing business and growth opportunities
  • Creating a better understanding and appreciation of the importance of businesses and preserving the capitalist system and discovering and correcting unnecessary obstacles that prevent the advancement of business
Pineville Office Building.

Chamber Working Committees

Marketing and Sales

Chair:  Maria Overcash, President, Carolina Health Connections

The charter of this committee is to provide new and creative methods to expand market exposure and increase sales for member companies, whether they are small LLCs, mid-sized companies or large corporations, leveraging the expertise of Chamber Member companies and other resources.

Business Operations and Growth

Chair:  John Holobinko, Chamber President and CEO

The charter of this committee is to provide opportunities for businesses to gain additional knowledge and insight around issues associated with business operations and growth, ranging from business plans to personnel issues, financing, employee benefits and more.

Charity /Giving

Chair:  Joan Holobinko, Past President St. Francis Hospital Women's Auxiliary, Hartford, CT

The charter of this committee is to lead the charitable contributions of Chamber members, including financial and talent.  Effort will be focused on a small number of selected charities  where the Chamber believes it can make a measurable positive  impact.


Chair:  David Neeley, Board Chairman, President of HoltWalker Flooring

Charter:  To promote job opportunities that exist within Pineville Chamber member companies and provide means of expanding search coverage for qualified candidates.



Charter: To provide outreach and grow  Chamber Membership by communicating the benefits of the Pineville NC Chamber and positive impact of the Chamber on the community.

Power Teams

Chair:  David Neeley, Board Chairman, President of HoltWalker Flooring

Charter: To develop complementary teams consisting of Chamber members who provide each other with qualified business referrals to help each other serve customers better and provide greater business value.

Town Relations

Chair:  John Holobinko, Pineville Chamber President and CEO

The charter of this committee is to provide a two-way conduit between the Chamber and the town government for the exchange of ideas and communication of issues that relate to conducting business and business growth within Pineville.

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